Hi! I'm Whitney!

After studying English, earning a bachelor's degree in journalism/literature, I wanted to pursue my love of words. Have you ever met a book lover who only wants books or writing tools for every gift-giving opportunity? Have you ever seen someone's face light up when you get them that last book of the trilogy they waited over a year for? Well, that's all me! What's also me? Reading a story and being so disappointed that I get pulled away from the story because of noticing the grammatical errors, better sentence structures that could have been used, not being able to relate to the main character, and so on. I have a fine attention to detail, my work is personal because you and I work one on one, and I have the passionate drive to make you successful. Reach out today for a free consultation!

Fun Facts!

  1. My family does annual photos every year, non-negotiable.

  2. I have five rescue animals (2 dogs, 3 cats).

  3. I have a daughter and 3 step-sons, who are truly just the sweetest!

How can I help you?

Content editing is the first step of editing. It is when the creative elements are looked over in your story to make sure that they are cohesive, engaging, and without holes. Think plot, character, story flow, and how hooked the reader will be.
$2 per 250 words ($0.008 per word)

Line editing is the second step of the editing process. This is when the story is gone through line by line to make sure the content edits were taken into consideration, the story flows well, there is no 'weasel' words or inconsistencies, and to see if any scenes may need to be added.
$2 per 250 words ($0.008 per word)
*Combo package with copy editing available with discount starting at 25%*

The last step of the editing process is copy editing (or proofreading). Copy editing is the technical proofread edit where grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and typos are combed through. Redundancies and syntax can also be checked in this stage.
$2 per250 words ($0.008 per word)
*Combo package with line editing available with discount starting at 25%*

This is a service being offered on a weekly basis to include unlimited email communication and a 1 hour video or phone call each week. This service will help authors in whatever area they are struggling. To include but not limited to: character/scene/plot development, brainstorming ideas, creating a good hook, etc.
$100 per session

Blurbs can be tough when you've done so much work to hit that high word count and are now asked to summarize it with intrigue, being sure to not reveal too much! By sending a detailed synopsis of what your book is about, I can help craft a blurb for the back cover of your novel, which can be used word-for-word or as a foundation for you to tweak to your taste and needs.
$50 per blurb


  • Member of EFA and ACES

  • Bachelor Degree in Journalism/Communication (Literature/English)

  • Reading/book enthusiast

  • High attention to detail

  • Familiarity with AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style

  • Friendly (because only Dr. House gets away with being amazing AND unpleasant!)


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